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Books from amazon or from hugendubel
I can not travel anywhere (neither for 20 minutes nor for 10 hours) without having a book in the pocket. What I particularly like: to read the books in original version: english, german, hungarian, rumanian.
What am I reading ? Asimov and his robot, Tolkien the wizard, Rowling the housewife, Irving the madman, Grisham the lawyer, Archer the lord, Balldaci the new one, Merle the historian, Rejtö the comedian and one of my favourites: Yann Martel Life of Pi. It´s a beautiful book, I can assure you.

Hiking in the Alps or in the Carpathian Mountains
From First of May - we spend this holiday traditionally in House Ganghofer Leutasch-Valley Austria - till the first snow we (I and Harry) are on the road, either alone or with Friends: Prietenii muntilor. 2003 we have spent our Summer holiday in Retezat (Carpathian Mountains): Hiking in Romania

My favourite live radios on the net
Absolut Radio  Antenne Bayern Magyar Rádio

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